Free HDTV converter coupons – $40 off DTV Converter Box

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Update: The Coupon Program has ended on July 31, 2009. You'll need to purchase a DTV Converter for sale without a coupon now.

The U.S. government program to provide free coupons for $40 off the cost of the purchase of an HDTV tuner / converter set-top-box began today. Congress created the TV Converter Box Coupon Program for households who wish to keep using their current analog TV sets after February 17, 2009. This program allows U.S. households to obtain up to two coupons, each worth $40, that can be applied toward the cost of eligible converter boxes. This is a great time to request your coupon, as the program just started today.

Click here to go to the U.S. government DTV tuner coupon page , click on item 3, and request your coupon.

(updated June 23, 2008 with the information below)

The list of Authorized Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes .

You can browse DTV Converter Boxes on our site, or buy an HDTV Tuner.


76 Comments on "Free HDTV converter coupons – $40 off DTV Converter Box"

  1. mkirksey on Mon, 7th Jan 2008 2:21 pm 

    I am requesting 2 coupons. (This program allows U.S. households to obtain up to two coupons, each worth $40, that can be applied toward the cost of eligible converter boxes.) After I get the coupon what do I do?

  2. Robert on Mon, 7th Jan 2008 3:00 pm 

    Hello mkirksey,

    That’s a great question!

    To use your coupons, go to a Coupon Program participating retailer (pdf file list of participating retailers, current as of January 07, 2008), shop for a Coupon Program approved HDTV converter (listed here), then present your coupon to the cashier. The store will then discount the converter box $40 and you will pay the balance, just like a grocery store coupon.

    As more converters and retailers are approved, the process of shopping for the converter will become easier.

    I believe you can only use one coupon per HDTV tuner.

    Participating retailers process the coupon electronically through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

  3. bluelwiggy on Thu, 10th Jan 2008 6:37 pm 

    I am requesting a coupon worth $40 towards the purchase of a unit that will get tv for me…I only have an antenea.

  4. blackwolf on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008 12:17 am 

    I heard on news channel 9 about a place to contact to eather get free hdtv converters or coupons far 2 free converters per house in mail or by email b4 feb 2009…. i would apperciate more info

  5. admin on Wed, 23rd Jan 2008 11:08 am 

    Hi Blackwolf,

    I’ve sent an email to you. I hope it helps.

  6. tm on Wed, 20th Feb 2008 8:44 am 

    Well its feb08 and they still do not have the convertors in Circut city and Walmart here in La.

    But convertors really wont solve the problem for most people in rual areas. The digital signals do not go as far as the analog does. Many people will be unable to get the boxes to work with weak signals.

  7. Jim on Fri, 16th May 2008 4:15 am 

    It should be pointed out that NONE of the approved converters are HDTV converters. They are digital (ATSC) converters but none of them will allow you to receive a HDTV signal. They only receive/process a SDTV (480p) digital signal.

    I know this is a technical nit-pick but a lot of people get confused by the distinction between HDTV and Digital TV (DTV) and quite a few are going to be disappointed when they find out that there aren’t going to suddenly get HDTV.

  8. Robert on Wed, 21st May 2008 2:04 pm 

    Hi Jim,

    I believe it works the other way around – all of the approved converters in the coupon program must receive both standard definition (SDTV) and HDTV signals. Seeing a broadcast in full HDTV quality does depend on the specs of your TV though. If you have an old analog TV, you’ll only get an SDTV quality picture and some converters do reduce the image quality too.

    Here’s the technical appendix of Title 47, CFR 301 which details the requirements for a converter box to be approved for the coupon program.

    It should also be noted that not all digital television broadcasts are in High Definition either. Stations can choose and vary the resolution anywhere from SDTV to HDTV as they see fit. The FCC only requires that they broadcast a digital signal.

  9. deni on Wed, 28th May 2008 1:43 pm 

    I just purchased a Magnavox SDTV digital to analog box. What is the difference between, Example: Zenith DTV and the Magnavox SDTV? Will SDTV work as well as the DTV converter box?

  10. Florence on Thu, 29th May 2008 8:30 pm 

    I would like to know if the handheld TVs (small ones that people take to parks, picnics, etc… will work. Do they have small converter boxes for those?

  11. HD TV Tuners Now on Fri, 30th May 2008 4:51 pm 

    Hi Deni,
    SDTV and HDTV are flavors of DTV, with HDTV offering much higher resolution. If you are using a DTV converter box with your old TV, your picture quality should be about the same as DVD picture quality.

    Hello Florence,
    As far as I know, there are no portable DTV converter boxes available (other than USB tuners for laptop computers), nor have I heard of any manufacturers planning to make a portable model. I would assume someone will eventually make a portable version for handheld TVs and weather radios that receive TV audio warnings.

  12. Florence on Sat, 31st May 2008 2:00 pm 

    Thanks Deni,

    I will keep them anyway, just in case.

  13. Marc4D on Sun, 8th Jun 2008 7:55 am 

    Hi, I just applied for 2 coupons at DTV.GOV and when i hit the submit button it says it takes a few minutes to process.
    Well after about 5 seconds it just brings me back to the apply for coupons screen without letting me know if i was successful or not?
    And i am wondering if this is the same for everyone? thanx……Marc

  14. HDTV Tuners Now on Sun, 8th Jun 2008 10:27 am 

    Hi Marc4D,

    If your coupon application is successful, you should receive a receipt screen that has a reference number and an estimated mailing date for your coupons. Be sure to write down the reference number so that you can go back and check your coupon status. If you didn’t receive an approval screen, try signing up again. If it still doesn’t work, try it using a different browser.

  15. dWinn on Fri, 4th Jul 2008 10:02 am 

    Why is it so difficult to find converters in the inner city WALmart.? We have been trying for so long to get converters and they get in so few that that are out of stock almost before they come in. If you are not standing there when they come in, they are out within a few minutes. We buy fron Walmart because they are cheaper there.

  16. admin on Sat, 5th Jul 2008 12:19 pm 

    Hi dWinn,
    I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble locating a DTV converter box. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough converter boxes anywhere right now. The major retailers are tracking which zip codes are receiving coupons and they try to stock the stores accordingly.

    Since you need to use your coupon within 90 days of the mailing date, you may want to try RadioShack. They may be a little more expensive than Walmart, but if they don’t have the boxes in stock, you can backorder one using the coupon and they will ship the box to your home. They’ll ship the box to you for free if you purchase it at the store too. I hope that helps.

  17. Linda on Mon, 4th Aug 2008 7:26 am 

    I requested 2 coupons quite a while ago. Can you tell me if they have been, or when they will be mailed out? Thanks!

  18. DTV Converters on Thu, 7th Aug 2008 1:56 pm 

    Hi Linda,

    You can check your Converter Box Coupon status by going to the DTV Converter Coupon status page at Enter the reference number or coupon number you received when you applied for the coupon and the site will tell you the status of your coupons.

  19. crystal on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 6:39 am 

    I apply for my coupons but said that this address had all ready applied for them. My husband and i haven’t applied for them. what do I do now

  20. HDTV Tuners on Mon, 15th Sep 2008 10:39 pm 

    Hi Crystal,

    I would recommend that you email the NTIA through their form at NTIA email and explain your situation.

    If that does not work, you can call the Coupon Program toll-free 24-hour automated system 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009) and try to reach a human.

    You could also try to request an appeal by writing to: NTIA Coupon Program, PO Box 2000, Portland, OR 97208-2000.

    As a last resort, you can contact your State Congressman and request assistance. They can be very helpful with these types of situations.

  21. racquel on Thu, 23rd Oct 2008 6:58 am 

    i would like to receive 2 free coupons. my name is Ms.Patrice Grandberry my address is 5294 Clinchport Cir. Memphis Tn. 38127. i don’t have cable or anything.

  22. corina on Thu, 23rd Oct 2008 7:17 am 

    i would like to request 2 free coupons I don’t have cable or anything my name is Ms. corina Echols. my address is 630 Georgia Ave. Memphis Tn.Apt.D 38126

  23. bummed1 on Tue, 4th Nov 2008 1:22 pm 

    I requested my 2 coupons in march. They claim I should have gotten them in May. I never received anything in the mail and now they are telling me that they cant reissue the coupons……That totally sucks as now I cant get coupons and I saw that the converter boxes list for around $60 each. They gave me a request number and even that didnt help. The government is a ripoff as far as I’m concerned. They wont even help out a person who followed their rules and now they cant do anything to remedy the situation.

  24. eusammen on Wed, 5th Nov 2008 2:06 am 

    I have a 5 inch black & white portable tv (GPX SportX TV)that is about 2 years old. The TV was our life line during “Ike.” Will I be able to use this TV again in an emergency after the first of the year? Will a converter box be needed?

  25. jeff on Mon, 10th Nov 2008 1:06 pm 

    I received my two coupons, but had not been able to find the boxes in stores until recently. Now, the coupons are expired. Will I have to pay the full retail price? Or, is there some sort of appeal process to follow to have them reissued?

  26. Stumped on Fri, 14th Nov 2008 11:43 am 

    Hi, Jeff

    I’m going through the same problem you are having right now. I tried to buy my converter box, but my coupons were already expired. I asked if there was any way I could receive two additional coupons since the ones I have was never used and I was told no. The coupons are only good for 90 days. The only two options I have as of now is 1)buy the boxes for full price,which can be expensive or 2)ask a relative who has satellite, cable etc. for their coupon. To answer your question…. to my knowledge there is NOT an appeal process to have the coupons reissued.

  27. bookie on Sat, 15th Nov 2008 11:19 am 

    I requested 2 coupons far back around Jun. and never get any coupon in the mail. I wrote e-mail to support but never get any responed either, then I apply again but it said I had been approved before if any question write to support e-mail address so I wrote e-mail again (this time I worte twice) up to date still get no respond. What should I do next?
    Thank you.

  28. Rix on Tue, 18th Nov 2008 3:13 am 

    It’s the middle of the night & the government website is “too busy” to process. When is it NOT busy?

  29. Michelle McDaniel on Tue, 25th Nov 2008 12:10 pm 

    Please send me more information at your earliest convenince on this system, and how it operates. Thank you, Michelle.

  30. claude smith on Sun, 30th Nov 2008 1:42 pm 

    just need to know the basic

  31. Jeanette on Mon, 1st Dec 2008 2:35 pm 

    Called middle of June received # 11303622, coupons not received called again 8-20-08. As of 10-17-08 still no coupons wrote letter via snail mail, to date nothing. What is going on how do I receive them?

    Help appreciated or no TV 2-19-08 Lousy program set-up.

  32. cglock on Wed, 3rd Dec 2008 5:47 am 

    I would like to have one to get emergency information from news channels local and world.
    Thanks a bunch
    Christopher Glock

  33. yasoris espinal on Thu, 4th Dec 2008 6:02 pm 

    I would like to hava 2 coupon for a cable box i be very thank full if you could help thank you

  34. brenda ellis on Mon, 8th Dec 2008 8:20 pm 

    i am requesting 2 coupons for a converter box if i could please it would be greatly appreciated thank you very much

  35. Cheryl on Wed, 10th Dec 2008 10:52 pm 

    I will be moving to Covington, TN soon, the job I am taking there is still up in the air as far as start dates. Can I get A coupon mailed to my home in STL and use it in TN?

  36. HD Televisions on Thu, 11th Dec 2008 2:32 pm 

    Please request your coupon through the DTV Converter coupon page.

    Jeanette – You can call and ask about your missing coupons at 1-888-388-2009. I had to request mine twice too.

  37. Lynn-LU on Thu, 25th Dec 2008 11:04 pm 

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  38. on Fri, 26th Dec 2008 10:57 pm 


  39. sebastianmagana on Mon, 29th Dec 2008 11:53 am 

    ineed 2 boxeas

  40. Armand Estevez on Tue, 30th Dec 2008 6:55 pm 

    If at possible We would like 2 boxes. We want to thank you in advance for kind attention.

  41. Armand Estevez on Tue, 30th Dec 2008 7:24 pm 

    I should enclude an address for you to send to us. Armand Estevez, 13406 E 53rd St, Kansas City, MO. 64133. Thank you very much!

  42. cruisinpoppy on Tue, 30th Dec 2008 9:19 pm 

    Not realizing that the coupons were good for 90 days, I placed my coupons in my bill box. I dug them out to go get the converts today (12/30/08)but now they have expired. How do I go about getting new coupons or can I? I feel so dumb for allowing them to expire. Please help. Thanks, cruisinpoppy (john)

  43. SCOTSIRISH1 on Sat, 3rd Jan 2009 2:33 pm 

    If you don’t use the coupons within 90 days the Gov
    will ignore your appeal for replacements.
    I have already made an appeal and it was denied to replace the two that expired.
    This is a typical ill contrived Gov fiasco again.
    Question who in there right mind would have the coupons expire before 2009 when the new standards take effect? My coupons expired in Nov 2008. I thought they were good until end of 2009. This problem needs to be addressed by your Congressman.Call your Congressman and tell him you want your expired DTV coupons reinstated.

  44. linda on Sun, 4th Jan 2009 11:47 am 

    i would like 2 coupons linda williams

  45. ChemKAN on Mon, 5th Jan 2009 12:37 pm 

    Submitted my application and the response was that they “approved me but no longer have any funding. I “should” receive my coupon if program funding becomes available”……I should have applied like I owned a BANK so they would have the funds.

  46. JoAnne C Bush on Wed, 7th Jan 2009 10:03 am 

    I am requesting 2 coupons………..thank you
    JoAnne C Bush
    1630 4th AV
    Oroville, CA 95965

  47. JoAnne C Bush on Wed, 7th Jan 2009 10:34 am 

    no comment

  48. Robert Springston on Sat, 10th Jan 2009 11:26 am 

    I request 2 coupons for digital TV
    Robert Springston
    Irequest two coupons
    Robert F. Springston

  49. Robert Springston on Sat, 10th Jan 2009 11:29 am 

    I Request two coupons
    Robert Springston
    14914 Evershine Street
    Tampa FL 33624
    phone 813-962-2636
    Thanks a bunch

  50. joyce covington on Sun, 11th Jan 2009 5:21 am 

    please send me 2 coupons for the converter boxe
    joyce covington, 3595 hwy. 51 so. apt. 108, senatobia, ms.38668


  51. MARA SADOVAL on Sun, 11th Jan 2009 3:43 pm 


  52. Nahid Ghadami on Wed, 14th Jan 2009 11:18 pm 

    home adress>: 7416 Tennessee LN. Vancouver, WA 98664

  53. Nahid Ghadami on Wed, 14th Jan 2009 11:19 pm 

    Please send me 2 dtv boxes. I Thank You.

  54. betty on Fri, 16th Jan 2009 6:54 am 

    i called cvs phar. and was told the boxes were 52.99. when i went t0 pick mine up they charged me 59.99 plus tax. i ended up paying as much for one of the boxes as if i didn’t have a coupan. i think they are raising the prices because the supply is low now and they charge you sales tax on the coupan. i think that is tottaly wrong of cvs.

  55. Ronyale McCullough on Thu, 22nd Jan 2009 2:24 pm 

    I applied for the 40.00 coupons and I was charged a fee of 15.00

  56. jim on Sat, 31st Jan 2009 12:35 pm 

    To the ones that are requesting the $40.00 coupons on here,this is not the place to make the request. You need to go to the website and fill out the required information in order to receive the coupons.

  57. jim on Sat, 31st Jan 2009 12:43 pm 

    Ronyale McCullough,
    Sounds like you were taken advantage of, if you paid $15.00 to receive the free $40.00 coupons. Did you get them from the website?

  58. admin on Sun, 1st Feb 2009 9:20 am 

    Hi Jim,
    That was my question for Ronyale too. NTIA does not permit the selling of coupons. As a buyer, you wouldn’t know if the coupon was still valid, since there is no way to tell if has been used or not.

    If you have coupons you don’t need, donate them to a local church or charity that is helping the poor and the elderly make the digital transition. The poor and the elderly are the most likely to be left in the dark with the transition and they really need the assistance.

  59. Donna Anderson on Fri, 6th Feb 2009 6:29 am 

    I’m requesting two coupons on a forty dollar buy to get the hd tv box . thanks

  60. Mac-TV-Tuner-Gizmos on Tue, 24th Feb 2009 12:19 pm 

    This extra round of DTV converter box coupons should help, the sad part is so many retail places often don’t offer any CHOICE and only have a single or perhaps 2 models to choose from. This Coupon Eligible Converter Box page at Amazon lists a fairly good selection – delivered to your door. But inventory and in-stock status can be iffy, especially as TV stations continue their switch-over to Digital.

    Remember the DTV ‘extension’ to June 12th 2009 still allows TV stations to go all Digital BEFORE THEN. So the remaining Analog stations you can receive will become fewer and fewer in the weeks ahead. They’re simply required by the FCC to *announce* their black-out date before they flip the switch…

  61. Margaret E Patterson on Sat, 7th Mar 2009 8:00 am 

    I received my coupons last year in the month of Sept. 2008.
    Once I moved into my home I lost the coupons in the packing process. When I finally found my coupons it was too late for me to redeem them. I was told to email you. The way prices are today I cannot afford digital cable, so please can sombody help me with the expired coupons I am now currently holding. Thank you for your time and cooperation with this matter.


    Mrs. Margaret E Patterson

  62. Margaret E Patterson on Sat, 7th Mar 2009 8:02 am 

    Please someone help me redeem the exipire dtv coupons I finally found since moving into my resident.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Margaret Patterson

  63. Margaret E Patterson on Sat, 7th Mar 2009 8:04 am 

    Iwant help with the expred coupons, times are hard, everyone can’t afford cable or digital tv’s.

  64. HDTV Tuners on Sun, 8th Mar 2009 7:15 pm 

    Hi Mrs. Patterson,

    On Friday, the NTIA let me know that they are not quite ready to replace expired coupons, but they will be soon. You can read the latest update on the DTV coupon program on the front page of this site.

  65. JOHN on Tue, 17th Mar 2009 9:37 am 

    I need to buy a converter box. Can someone tell me if the converter box also acts as an antenna or if I need an antenna as well?


  66. admin on Wed, 25th Mar 2009 3:36 pm 

    Hi John,
    You’ll need an Over-the-Air antenna for your converter box. A roof mounted or set top rabbit ears antenna should do the job. If you’re in a rural area with very distant TV stations, you may need an amplified antenna.

  67. amber on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 6:45 am 

    i would like 2 coupons too. i need one.

  68. maggie on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 8:40 am 

    I oder my coupons how long befor i recive them,and can i share one with my sister in a other state….

  69. Domingo on Sun, 14th Jun 2009 2:44 pm 

    I bought a magnavox dtv converter and it burned in a month what can i do in that case i didnt buy insurance on it and i dont have the receipt

  70. Matt Matty on Mon, 15th Jun 2009 2:34 pm 

    Now that the major hurt from the conversion is over with, there are a ton of people who need to upgrade their antennas. Digital signals don’t travel as far and they don’t bounce off objects. They tend to travel in straight lines and this requires a better antenna.

    May I suggest you send these folks to a place where they can find Smart Digital TV Antenna Choices.

    Find out who makes the Best HD DTV Antennas cause lets face it – to get a good signal, it’s really all about the ANTENNA.

  71. Theresa McLeroy on Wed, 24th Jun 2009 7:49 am 

    I have place an order for a coupon for the converter box in May 2009 and I was told I should receive the coupon around the 8th of June and I haven’t yet. I was just checking in on the status. No, I don’t remember the confirmation # either.

    Thank You,
    Theresa McLeroy

  72. amy on Wed, 5th Aug 2009 6:05 pm 

    I am woundering if I am still able to get a converter and how do I get the coupon for them.

  73. Don Flowers on Fri, 14th Aug 2009 5:58 am 

    I need 2 Goverment coupon for TV Digital Boxes. Please advise if possiblr

  74. neil clegg on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 2:12 pm 

    we do not get good reception in this area we can not even watch the tv it comes in and out and most of the time the signel is not their you half to turn the antenna all the time
    i dont know if it is just in this area or not i think they should have let the system like it was this hdtv system is horable.

  75. Elizabeth combs on Sat, 12th Sep 2009 1:47 pm 

    I need to convert box i can not watch tv, i can not afford cable or anything eles. please let me know how can 2 convert box coupon please

  76. denise ruohonen on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 1:42 pm 

    i am recently disabled and can no longer aford cable i need a coupon for my tv..please