DTV Coupon Program Update 6/12/09 Deadline

March 6, 2009 by  
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The TV Converter Box Coupon program is back in business, and the NTIA has updated the program to address consumers who have been on their waiting list. Analog broadcasts are now scheduled to be shut down by June 12, 2009 as a result of the DTV Delay Act, and funding from the recently passed stimulus bill has allowed the coupon program to continue for a limited time.

It is very important that you act now to prepare for the switch to digital television, since the program will only be accepting applications until July 31st, 2009 or until they run out of funds for the coupon program (again). The NTIA is also planning to add some improvements to the program within the next few weeks, including accepting new applications from consumers with expired coupons.

Effective now, all consumers that were placed on the waiting list will receive their coupons. The NTIA has already begun processing the approved coupon applications that were on their waiting list beginning in January of this year. If you were notified that you were placed on the waiting list, you should be receiving your coupon(s) shortly. To check the status of your request, you can go to the NTIA website, and use your reference number that was given to you when you applied. The TV Converter Box Coupon Program will also be mailing coupons via first-class mail, so your coupons should arrive more quickly than those who received their coupons before the program was suspended.

After the NTIA has finished sending coupons to those on the waiting list, they will start accepting new applications on a first-come, first-served basis. New coupons will be sent out as long as supplies last, and if demand is too high, they are reserving the right to place applications on a waiting list. If this does happen, they may restrict the coupons to consumers who are “over-the-air-only” television viewers (non cable or satellite customers). This is to make sure that as many houses in the US have at least one television that will work after the digital switch is completed on June 12th.

Click here to go to the U.S. government DTV tuner coupon page , click on item 3, and request your coupon.

While the NTIA will be addressing expired coupons very soon, they are not yet accepting those that reapply for coupons due to expiration, loss or theft. Do NOT reapply for a coupon that has expired or was lost or stolen, as the application will be denied. The NTIA is addressing this issue, and they will be informing consumers through their website when the coupon program can accept requests to replace coupons which are lost, stolen or expired.