Magnavox DTV

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Magnavox digital converter set-top-box High Definition terrestrial tuners for receiving your local, over-the-air (OTA) broadcast DTV television channels. You don’t have to replace your existing TV with this Magnavox DTV digital to analog converter TV tuner. Clicking the links below open a new window in your browser on eBay with a full description of the Magnavox DTV Tuner.

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DTV Converter

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Stand alone DTV Tuner Converters for your standard television set. With one of these tuners, you will be able to receive and watch DTV Over-the-Air (OTA) local broadcasts on your standard television. These DTV converters won’t improve the picture quality of your TV, but they will permit you to still receive broadcast television after “The Big Switch” when your local stations will only broadcast a Digital TV signal. Clicking the links below will open a new window on ebay describing the digital TV converter box for sale.

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Click here to go to our HDTV Tuner listings.


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HDTV PCI Tuner cards for sale for your computer. Upgrade your computer with an High Definition TV Tuner card. Easy to install, the PCI TV Tuner card upgrade will have you watching HDTV broadcasts in no time. Using your computer’s high resolution monitor, you’ll be able to see every detail. Clicking on the links below will open a new window on eBay with a detailed description of the HDTV PCI Tuner card.

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Compare prices at on PCI HDTV Tuners:
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