Purple Heart Trike Tribute to Our Veterans

Honoring our Nations Wounded Heroes

In official observance of Veteran's Day, we interrupt our normal HDTV News to bring a great story of personal sacrifice to recognize the sacrifices made by American soldiers.

Greg Schisler of Humble, Texas has commissioned a Purple Heart Trike built to honor wounded war Veterans through his Dream Trike project. Mr. Schisler will take the bike on a tour to visit 40 U.S. military bases and make appearances for Veteran's groups. At the end of the tour, in September 2008, a Purple Heart recipient will be chosen to receive this special
Purple Heart Trike for Wounded Veterans

The Purple Heart Trike will then be customized to accommodate the special needs of the soldier it is awarded to.

The Dream Trike project is accepting nominations of Purple Heart recipients from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard through August 1, 2008. Please take moment to nominate a combat wounded soldier, from any era.

Please help sponsor the construction of the bike and the Schisler's efforts to tour the U.S.A. displaying the bike and bringing much deserved attention to those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Click here to visit the Purple Heart Trike project and make a donation.

To nominate one of our nations heroes to win the Purple Heart Trike, complete details are here.

Please visit Greg Schisler's Purple Heart Trike site to learn more about Mr. Schisler and his special project and how you can see and support this great tribute to our Veterans.