Consumer Reports DTV converter box buying guide

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Consumer Reports as published a six page online buying guide to assist consumers when purchasing a DTV converter box for the coming DTV transition on February 17, 2009. Their buying guide includes ratings of 14 models of set top digital converter boxes for receiving over-the-air (OTA) free television programming. The converters have been evaluated for their picture quality, program guide, configurable closed captioning, compatibility with universal remote controls, ease of adding channels, whether appropriate cables are included and several other factors. Their buying guide covers Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes, those eligible for purchase with the $40 off digital converter box coupons provided by the US government.

Click here to go to Consumer Reports DTV Converter Box Buying Guide .

If you are buying an new HDTV instead of a converter box, you'll want to look at Consumer Reports' testing of new high definition televisions. Consumer Reports has tested 101 LCD, plasma, and rear-projection TVs in sizes up to 65 inches wide. Click here to visit their HDTV buying guide.


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  1. emme on Mon, 12th Jan 2009 1:11 pm 

    Are there any personal radios that receive the audio broadcast of digital TV? My current radio has a TV band that receives the audio and I will sorely miss it after the transition date.